About us

We at ABIK help our clients with staffing solutions and industrial services. We are located in Gislaved and has several years of experience in emerging companies, primarily in the field of engineering.

Staffing and industrial services is very much about the right people and resources at the right time. Through all the years in the industry, we have acquired deep knowledge of the industry, its needs and circumstances, in order to offer custom tailed solutions. Our years in business have also meant that we now have a broad and deep qualified network and thus access to the best skills. If you choose to hire ABIK you can be sure that help is never far away. With one phone call away, we solve not only your immediate problems and but also long-term problems.


Our main business areas are:

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Address: ABIK, Baldersvägen 39 B, 332 35 Gislaved, Sweden
Phone: 070-298 61 01